Black Fantasia

An introduction to excerpts from the Nest Collective’s Black Fantasia (Working Title, 2016 -).When We Are Not, and When We Are.

When We Are Not presents the dilemma of four unsettled sojourners seeking a freedom beyond the frame. Whether in outdoor vistas, opulent interiors or candlelit, meditative moments, in solitude or gathered together, the regal demeanour of the four belies a definite, dignified discontent, and their simmering intentions remain unshared and unexplored. Through the eyes of the elegant wanderers, the collective explores the secrets of insatiable black African ambition and a growing restlessness with the trappings of prescribed earthly liberty.

When We Are considers the question - to be deemed unthreatening, how still must a black body be? Each figure is a study in dislocation, whether self-imposed or inflicted by unknown forces, and the placid eye of the unmoving onlooker is scientific in its chosen points of focus. Using their own bodies as subjects in the piece, the Nest inhabits the default dishonour around unexplained disappearances and departures of black Africans, and critiques the continued silence around these as a macabre statement about their worth in the grander scheme of things.

An introduction to OTA
Return and They Sent You are two stories from a forthcoming illustrated anthology - OTA, meaning “to dream” in which the collective imagines a quietly different world. In Volume 1, A black African astronaut explores the furthest reaches of outer space, and an old medicine woman reclaims looted artifacts that have been reduced to ethnological trinkets in another part of the world.

Black Fantasia + OTA, Kunsthal Charlottenborg 2/11-6/11 11:00-17:00. Tickets to Kunsthal Charlottenborg DKK 60 kr. Free access with festival accreditation.

Opening and Artist Talk Wednesday 2/11 17:00-20:00, free

Original Title
Black Fantasia - fernisering
Black Fantasia
60 min.